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Hurdles are an inevitable part of our lives. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a student, the CEO of a big corporation, a pastor, a believer, or a nonbeliever, there is one sure guarantee: life is full of hurdles and obstacles to overcome. The key is learning how to overcome these hurdles and run to victory. As a two-time Olympic medalist, Mark Crear has learned a lot about obstacles—expected and unexpected—on and off the track and is sharing his wisdom in a new book In the Zone: How to  Overcome the Hurdles of Life and Succeed


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Why My Silver is Gold

Mark Crear’s Autobiography entitledWhy My Silver is Gold is a powerful and inspirational story of Mark Crear, a Two-time Olympian who won the 1996 Olympic Silver Medal with a Broken Arm and the 2000 Olympic Bronze Medal with a Double Hernia. Why My Silver is Gold is about overcoming the inevitable hurdles that we face throughout life.  His in-depth story will tug at the very strings of your emotions as he takes you through his life of abuse, abandonment, rejection, disappointments and forgiveness.

So, lace up your spikes…Get set…Go…get this must read autobiography and step into the shoes of Mark Crear as he guides you through his life journey of ups, downs, defeats – to the victory of standing on the podium of the Summer Olympic Games.

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