This is my Story

This is My Story

Dr. Mark Crear is a Two-Time Olympic Champion, motivational speaker, life and business coach/consultant, published author and ordained minister; he also has a resolute sense of faith and purpose. Scaling high hurdles and jumping through life’s hoops are second nature to Mark, who first captured attention by winning the 1996 Olympic Silver Medal with a broken arm and then winning the 2000 Olympic Bronze Medal with a double hernia (110M High Hurdles Track & Field). Mark Crear has been around the world presenting keynote and inspirational messages to various genres, corporations and organizations.  His unique way of using his Olympic Experience as a Hurdler to illustrate how to overcome hurdles and Stay in the Zone is encouraging, motivating, educational, yet entertaining.

Before jumping any “hurdles” on the track, Mark had plenty of hurdles to jump off. Growing up in a single family home and being a victim of physical and emotional abuse, Crear early on knew that life was not fair and had plenty of reasons and excuses to quit and give up. However, “quitting” was not a part of Dr. Crear’s DNA. Instead, Mark relied on faith and hard work to carry him from his life of abuse, abandonment, rejection and disappointments, to #1 in the world. Mark’s personal testimony is the inspiration for his keynotes, seminars and his In The Zone Performance Training workshops.

Mark is currently president of Mark Crear Ministries, Director of the Multi-Cultural Division (MCD) of American Associations of Christian Counselors, AACC). Dr. Crear has earned his degrees (AA, BA, MA & Ph.D.) in Sociology, Christian Counseling & Christian Theology from Mt-Sac, ITU and the University of Southern California (USC).  Mark is currently president of Mark Crear Ministries, which by using the metaphor of hurdling from his own medal-winning Olympic experiences, He teaches his clients, that hurdles are an inevitable part of life. His message is about conquering the hurdles of life through Faith, Focus and Forgiveness.

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