Life & Death in the Tongue

man once sat down to have dinner with his family. As was their tradition, the
family members joined hands around the table, and the man said a rote prayer,
thanking God for the food, the hands that had prepared it, and for the source
of all life. During the meal, however, he bitterly cursed his job and his boss
and complained at length about the staleness of the bread and a bit of mold he
found on one edge of the brick of cheese.


night his young daughter asked him, “Daddy, do you think God heard you say
grace before the meal?”

course, honey,” he answered confidently.

she asked, “Do you think God heard everything you said during
dinner?” The man answered, “Why, yes, I believe so. God hears

thought for a moment and then asked, “Daddy, which one do you think God
believed… what you said before we ate or what you said while we were

hears everything we say… the good and the bad… and so do the people around
us. Honor God in all that you say, and His blessing will rest on your life as
well as the lives of those who hear and heed your example.